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In modern times, bookshelves or book cases serve as a system for not just book storage but also for book display and decorative accessories display. I’m really fond of the idea of displaying beautiful pieces of art and décor on shelves as that gives life and vibrancy to the shelf and space and creates an amazing blend of functionality and aesthetics.

If you don’t have a bookshelf, you, of course, need one because, with an efficient bookshelf, you can account for all your books and even better, appreciate books.

However, we must take these important rules into consideration when organizing a bookshelf.

1. Invest in quality bookshelves. Among the various types of bookshelves in the market, I think the wooden or bamboo shelving is the most appropriate for books and papers. Make sure to purchase a bookshelf that is functional and durable because you definitely don’t want to get back home someday and be faced with the unpleasant sight of a crumbled bookshelf with loads of books lying right before you on the floor of your home.

2. Arrange your books. When your shelving arrives, you shouldn’t just pick up your books and place in it. Your books must be sorted and arranged according to their types, sizes, and categories. For example, place all your kitchen recipe books in one section of the shelving, all your motivational books should be kept separately from your business books, etc. Place heavier books towards the bottom of the shelving for ease of balance. Some people choose the colour-coding method of categorization but there are other more effective methods such as the definition-coding, edition-coding or order-coding methods.

3. Keep it simple. When organizing a bookshelf in your home or office, let there be a flow between the bookshelf and space. The bookshelf should be simply arranged and accessorized to avoid chaos. A simply organized bookshelf is more likely to stay organized than a complex one. Remember that your books also need to breathe so allow for spaces in between the different categories or sections of the shelf for ease of cleaning and so that your books don’t get overwhelmed and start to wear out.

4. Purge regularly. If you keep newspapers and magazines in your shelving without regular purging, you’ll ruin your decision to get organized. Be reminded of my favorite Organising rule that says ‘One in, One out’. You can sell or give away old books to create room for new ones.

Books are precious and one way we can appreciate them is by providing them a home. Organize your bookshelves today!

If you need further inquiries or you want to share more tips, please leave a comment below.

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